Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ecolog Forestal?

It is a company specialized in sustainable native Amazonian wood extraction that is socially and economically fair. Ecolog has its forest management plan approved by the Brazilian Institute of Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) and Rondonia’s Environmenmt State Secretariat (SEDAM/RO). The wood which is available for sales in the Itu, SP, supply has the Custody Chain certified by the Forest Stewardship Council - FSC®.

What is environment correct wood, certified wood or with the green seal?

All of these definitions indicate that the wood was extracted according to sustainable guidelines, such as forest management. Researchers recognize that this process is one of the solutions to preserve the Amazon and maintain economical activities in the region.

What is sustainable management?

This process does not require planting trees, It is an environmentally correct cutting technique in which the forest portion from where trees are extracted is divided in a number of sections, according to the size of the area, called modules or plots. Each portion is then explored during a period up to a year under the coordination of a forestry engineer. Before the extraction process begins, the engineer performs an inventory of all the trees in that section and indicates which can be cut. Only the individuals that have completed their cycle of life and have left descendents are cut. This way the forest can continue to regenerate and maintain its biodiversity. After that extraction the area remains intact during 25 years. During this period, the forest recovers its natural characteristics. This kind of forest management does not cause impact to the forest. In an area of one hectare, only two individual may be extracted.

Areas of high conservation value are preserved intact. These portions are not explored at anytime during the management. They are identified in the management plan as wildlife refuges or areas of rare flora, such as mahogany and Brazil nut.

During forest management are all the tall trees extracted from the forest?

No, many large trees are left in the forest as forest regeneration matrix.

Who inspects the area to check if all the trees have not been cut?

Ibama checks periodically the areas. If there is any irregularity, Ecolog is condemned and fined.

Is the certified wood, different then regular wood?

No. It is the same wood but the origin is different. The certification of the wood’s custody chain ensures it’s traceability in the production process, from the forest to the final consumer, guaranteeing that the wood is extracted following responsable procedures (forest management) that do not harm the ecosystem. But the species that are traded as certified wood are the same as the native Amazonian species that are traded according to the regular exploitation process.

What is the difference between reforestation and forest management?

Reforestation is about planting trees – generally exotic species – and forest management is an environmentally correct extraction process in an area of native forest.

What is forest certification?

It is a process that warrants the environmentally correct timber industries to receive the “green seal” from FSC. The seal proves that a company follows good socio-environmental practices that are economically viable.

Who gives the certification?

In Brazil, a number of companies are recognized as certifiers. One of them is Imaflora. The technicians of those institutions visit regularly the areas of forest management of the different certified wood industries to attest that the FSC® standards are being applied, according to the certification type, forest management or custody chain.

How to recognize certified wood?

By the FSC® seal, engraved in the certified product or in it’s factory bill.

What is “green seal”?

It is one of the most common denominations given to the Forest Stewardhip Council (FSC) seal. This seal is recognized internationally by consumers of wood products, such as furniture and civil construction structures. This way the buyer can be sure that he acquired a product that does not harm tropical forests.

What is the advantage of participating of FSC?

The FSC seal awards the certified timber factory with the public recognition that a company is following all the criteria for social-environmental responsibility.

What is the difference between certified furniture and furniture made with certified wood?

The first one includes the whole construction chain in the monitoring and verification process so the product is environmentally correct, from the raw material to the final product.

The second is built with wood coming from FSC® seal certified feedstock.

How can I acquire certified wood?

Look for the timber factories that have the FSC® green seal, and for the furniture stores that have the FSC® seal.

Where do the managed forest trees go and why?

Close to 90% of all Amazonian certified wood produced under environmentally correct guidelines is exported. Holland is the largest buyer of certified wood.

The great challenge is that the Brazilian market still ignores that the more it consumes certified wood, the more it will be contributing to the preservation of the Amazon.

Ecolog is one of the Brazilian companies that fight to change this reality and expand the certified wood market in the country. This way the consumer will be buying wood that does not destroy the forest. Whoever buys illegal wood promotes the destruction of the forest and the social conflict of its inhabitants. The certified wood buyer helps preserve the Amazon, as forest management is the only way to extract wood adding value to a standing forest and distribute revenues among local communities.

What is Ecolog building system?

These are wood structures designed with the help of special software to substitute conventional structures for civil construction that are made out of concrete.

Does Ecolog sell furniture?

No. Ecolog supplies wood for furniture and out-sources the fabrication to companies and artisans specialized in working with environmentally correct wood.