Ecolog Constructive System

Ecolog also executes building projects that use and enhance the value of wooden structures. Inspired in successful architectural styles, Ecolog Building System is a concept that uses resistant and easy to maintain, selected tropical wood species. The Building System is one of Ecolog products that allow making the most of any construction project. The wooden structure brings elegance and promotes environments that are naturally charming and cozy. The agility and the period of execution of the project are some of the other benefits of Ecolog Building system.

Ecolog Software optimizes the structural system

In search of excellence for the production of wood building construction structures, Ecolog’s technical team developed new software. After a study of nine months, the company concluded a program facilitating the development of structural architectural projects. Besides the detailed tri-dimensional images that allow for a trustful observation of the projects, it also provides resources that offer reports on components such as pillars, connectors, and beams with their respective dimensions. It also permits to elaborate projects for the production and the industrialization of parts, which in turns optimizes the use of raw materials and reduces waste.

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